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Kyle and Alyssa comprise our financial advising team and bring a unique approach to working with individuals going through a divorce. They understand the challenges of making sound financial decisions and balancing the emotional aspects of the process. Kyle is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Alyssa, who has been trained collaboratively, are equipped to be a tremendous resource to both attorneys and their clients.

Kyle and Alyssa have developed a method to support individuals and their legal representation at every stage in the process:

  • Before Divorce: We assist in organizing financial data and documents for the discovery process and work with clients to understand both their short and long term goals. We collaborate with the other professionals on their team and refer them to professionals in areas where they may need help.
  • During Divorce: We educate individuals in regards to what assets they have, the accessibility and flexibility of these assets, and the potential tax implications. Based on their goals, we help them to determine which assets would be most beneficial to keep, while still being fair to both parties. We continue to consult with individuals and their legal team throughout negotiations to offer financial advice and support.
  • Post-Divorce: We assist in the implementation of the settlement including the division of investment accounts (QDRO’s), changes to life, disability, or long-term care insurance policies, and the review of beneficiary designations. We provide ongoing advice and support to assist clients in achieving their long-term goals.